15+ Delicious, Fast Snacks for Kids With Food Allergies

The Unique Needs of a Food Allergic Child Starting School

Snacks! Every kid’s got to have them, and every parent better be armed to the teeth with snacks or suffer the wrath of an irritable, hungry kid.

Don’t worry parents, we’ve got your back!

Finding allergy-friendly snacks is getting a little bit easier every year, thanks to enterprising food allergy parents creating their own companies, or thanks to existing companies cleaning up their production lines. More and more allergy-friendly snacks are hitting the shelves at local supermarkets, and dozens of options exist in online shops.

Some of these snacks for kids with food allergies are on-the-go-friendly, some are decadent and indulgent, and others are healthy as can be. Best of all, most can be purchased in individual portions, meaning you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time having adventures with your kids.

But if you do like to make snacks from scratch, we’ve included a few snacks for kids with food allergies that lend themselves perfectly to batch cooking, freezing and proportioning into individual baggies.

Have fun and enjoy!

Store-Bought Snacks for Kids With Food Allergies

Always check the labels! But with the following snacks, you should be able to easily find a brand that is allergen-free. These snacks make hitting the road easier than ever.

Homemade Snacks for Kids With Food Allergies

Did you know My Kid’s Food Allergies has a recipe database made for and by food allergy parents like you? We’ve scoured the recipes to bring you some of the best snacks for kids with food allergies. Make a double or triple batch and freeze individual portions for the ease of grab-and-go snacks! Most of these are free from the Top 8 Allergens; check the links for a full list of ingredients.


Have your own recipe you’d like to share? You can do so by filling out the form here! Want to share additional ideas for snacks for kids with food allergies? Leave a comment below!

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