Allergic to Bottled Water: When You Have an Allergy to Plastic Water Bottles

By Kristen Chandler

Allergic reactions to plastic water bottles

Approximately one in 13 children suffers from food allergies. The “Top Eight” (eggs, milk, soy, peanuts, shellfish, tree nuts and wheat) account for 90 percent of food allergic reactions. Then you have the rarer allergies like those to cinnamon, coffee and corn. It’s not surprising that most food allergy families prepare most of their meals at home. People who suffer from food allergies, especially those with severe allergies, can’t accept just anything from anyone.

So, imagine you’re away from home and you get really thirsty, and someone hands you a bottle of water. You accept it and drink some, but a few minutes later your lips begin to burn and tingle and possibly swell. But is it actually possible for someone to be allergic to bottled water? While it is rare, aquagenic urticaria, or an allergy to water, does exist. However, most allergic reactions people have while drinking water from a plastic bottle are usually the result of an allergy to the plastic and not the water itself.

What Causes an Allergy to Plastic Water Bottles?

With food allergies, it’s usually difficult to pinpoint what in the food causes the allergic reaction. Sometimes people are allergic to the food itself, and sometimes it is the protein in the food that causes the allergic reaction. Where an allergy to plastic water bottles is concerned, it is usually the chemicals found in the plastic that are responsible for the allergic reaction.

Most plastic containers, toys, etc. contain chemicals. These chemicals are used to make the plastic either softer or harder as needed, and also to prevent contamination. However, these chemicals can be just as bad as the contamination they are meant to block.

The two most common chemicals found in water bottles are Phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA). Polystyrene foam (PS) is also used in plastics, but the former two are more likely to be found in plastic water bottles. Also, both Phthalates and BPA have been known to get in the way of hormone production. Disrupted hormone production can reduce fertility and eventually lead to breast, testicular and prostate cancer. Since food allergies affect the immune system, both Phthalates and BPA could cause an allergic reaction or an increase in reactions among food allergic children.

How to Understand Recycling Labels

On recyclable plastic water bottles, you’ll find a triangle with a number in the center. This triangle is usually found on the bottom of the bottle. The number represents not only what the plastic will be recycled into but more importantly what the plastic is made from.

Below is a graphic briefly explaining plastic recycling codes. You can read the full article associated with this graphic here.

understanding plastic water bottle recycling codes

Avoiding Allergic Reactions to Plastic Water Bottles

In order to prevent an allergic reaction to plastic water bottles, of course consider using glass or stainless steel containers instead. But if you do go with plastic, look for BPA- and/or phthalate-free bottles. Also, keep in mind which plastic recycling codes mean what. Numbers 2 (HDPE), 4 (LDPE) and 5 (PP) are the best choices. On the other hand, try to avoid numbers 3 (PVC), 6 (PS) and 7, which are the most likely to contain BPA or phthalate. Number 1 (PET or PETE) is a moderate hazard. The chemicals contained in this plastic can break down and leach into the product contents over time.

Prolonged storage or exposure to heat can speed up the chemical breakdown process in plastic. Therefore, you should not store bottled water in places it could be exposed to heat, like in garages or the trunk of your car. Plastic water bottles should not be microwaved either.

Do you have an allergy to plastic water bottles? If so, we would like to hear from you. Leave us a comment below!

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53 thoughts on “Allergic to Bottled Water: When You Have an Allergy to Plastic Water Bottles

  1. I’m 74 and only in last year I have had issues from plastic water bottles. Causes red dry lips and cracking. Took me months to determine the plastic water bottles. Within a few hours of drinking condition starts.

    1. I’m 73 and finally realized that my chapped, dry red lips, in the shape of a circle from where I drink the water, is caused by the plastic water bottle. Now I’m trying to get Reid of the “chapped” area but nothing seems to work. Even a prescription cortisone. What helped you?

    2. What have you done to heal the chaffing, tingling etc? Did u see a doctor? I have the same issues been drinking from plastic water bottles everyday. Thank you.

    3. I experienced the same symptoms from water bottles and reusable hard plastic straws. Took forever for me to figure out the connection. I swab the chafed area with prescription strength mupirocin ointment (2%). My dermatologist also suggested using an over the counter hydrocortisone as an alternative.

  2. This time of year only. I drink water all the time from bottles. My lips tingle and get puffy and feels like an itch. Skin peels off easy.

  3. I get what I call fever blisters from drinking from plastic drink/water bottles. Can feel the reaction within 5-10 minutes of first drink. Don’t drink from them anymore

  4. I’m 56 and started drinking bottled water two years ago and I sweat every day could it be effecting my hormones? It just started one day and hasn’t stopped after a heat type stroke. ?

    1. Good question, Candi. I would think you’d need to be drinking bottled water every day or at least very often for that to be the case, but it sounds like something worth discussing with your doctor.

    2. I am 69 years old. Started drinking lots of bottled water and I have a very dry taste in my mouth. Lips burn and tingle and even get a sore throat. It doesn’t seem to happen if I drink out of a plastic cup only water bottles. Dr says to keep bottled water close by but I feel like ive been walking in a dessert.

  5. I have a severe soy allergy and was told that plastics contain soy, does anyone know which bottled water is safe to drink?

    1. Hi, Rhonda. That’s interesting. I personally hadn’t heard about plastics containing soy, but I’ll definitely look into that. Do you happen to have an online source of information on that? I’ll also check with our team to see if anyone can help answer your question. Thank you for your comment!

  6. I caugh everytime I drink out of plastic bottles and do not do this if I drink out of a can so ususal drink my clear sodas out of alumini instead of plastic but when buy but like others my lips also get extra dry. Was just wondering if I was the only one experience this kind of problem. 62 female

    1. I am so grateful, Cheryl, for you comment. I have been having the awful problem of having my tongue tingle and swell up a little and then I would cough when I drank out of plastic water bottles. I have tried several different brands to see if I could find an answer, but I didn’t find a cure. Then, this evening, I tried the cold tap water in a glass jar. Nothing bad happened. Then I thought that it could be the bottle causing my cough instead of the water. My search has brought me to this site and to your question.

  7. I get reactions from the plant plastic bottles, like Dasani. Even if I put tap water into the bottle and if it’s in there a short time, like a half hour, I get reactions. My joints get swollen and achy. Other plastic seems to be ok so far. I did call up the company to inquire as to what plant they use and they said sugar? I am allergic to soy so I wonder. I also recently discovered I’m allergic to polystyrene. I get swollen, cracked skin from that and the outer layer of skin gets chapped…but it’s on my hand from contact.

  8. Every time I drink from bottled water I start to get really stuffy and my throats gets sore, it’s kinda hard to swallow. It’s very subtle and I often get tonsillitis and it has similar symptoms. But now I’m sure bottled water is the problem now, all other plastic has not affected me in anyway.

  9. Whenever I drink Milo’s sweet tea from a 20 oz. bottle I immediately get a numbing sensation in my upper lip. I’m thinking it might be the bottle because I used to buy the gallon jugs and pour it into a glass with no problems. I’m 40 years old, and my only known allergies are aspirin and shrimp. I also once had a very bad reaction to corticosteroids, but I don’t know if it was a real allergy. I should note that I am on several psychotropic medications for bipolar disorder.

  10. My mom is allergic to plastic water bottles. She figured it out years ago. She is older now and is a widow. She doesn’t like to cook for just herself so she eats a lot of frozen meals for lunch. Her arms and neck have been itching so bad for quite a while now that she practically scratches her skin off and she does tear her skin. Nothing seems to help. She just realized the other day that most of the frozen meals she eats at lunch have plastic bottoms. She is now going to try and find food not in plastic that she can eat easily for lunch. We are both pretty sure that is what has been causing her itching since it didn’t start until she became a widow and started eating frozen meals. Too bad it took us so long to figure it out.

    1. Thank you for this comment! I moved from Utah to Texas 2.5 months ago. Because the tap water here smelled like sulphur and has a different chemical make-up than Utah water, I have been drinking bottled water for the past 2 months. I initially started drinking the Texan Ozarka water bottles, since they were cheapest and then switched to Aquafina since it seemed to be more pure water. Ever since the end of July (when I started drinking only bottled water) I have had this terrible rash. It started as small white circular bumps behind my knees and then spread to my armpits. It would later develop a central red pustule and then become inflamed bright red and blotchy, turning into hives most days. From there it erupted to a full body rash and allergic reaction. The itch is constant and terrible. To the point where you want to grate your skin off. The doctors have had no clue as to what has been causing my rash. I’ve been put on plenty of medications, including topical steroid creams, oral steroid packs, steroid shots, antibiotics, mupirocin cream, first and second generation antihistamines, you name it. The largest struggle is I’m currently breastfeeding my 4 month old baby and have to drink a ton of water to keep up my supply with her demand. In addition, steroids can “dry you up” (according to my doctor), so I have been drinking even more bottled water. I recently got my biopsy results back from the original rash behind my knees. The results said “drug eruption.” My dermatologist said it was likely the keflex antibiotic, but never took into account that I had the same rash symptoms far prior to even taking the keflex. On top of that, I’ve taken so many prescribed meds for this rash, it would be hard to pin point any one that was the cause, as I’ve never been allergic to any medications. You can imagine my stress (a contributor to hives) and being entirely uncomfortable for the past 2.5 months to the point of sleepless nights from itching. As I’ve narrowed everything down, including making many life changes in my internal/external environment (including eating no sugar, industrial sized air purifier, using Tide Free and Gentle with a double rinse, pest control, shampooing the carpets, etc), I recently had the thought that the major change from Utah to Texas was the ingestion of bottled water. Reading these comments have helped give me hope. I will refrain from bottled water starting today, drink only tap water and then see if I have positive results. (My next step was being referred to an allergist– which my PCP said was “costly” and that “you don’t want to do that.”) I’m desperate to find answers and this seems to be the only thing that makes sense. Thank you! And I will post again in a few weeks to see if this was the inciting cause (while I take my next 3 month oral steroid taper– again while breastfeeding). I do want to make note that even with the steroids, it’s been as if my body has continued to create an immune response daily against something in my body. This is the only allergen I can think of.

  11. DR. I am having a problem with frequent urination. I urinate 3oz. to 12oz. at least one time per hour around the clock. I am 72 and this started over a year ago. I can’t last much longer. “Help”

  12. I drink alot of bottled water because I thought it was safer than tap water and I have to drink lots of water and never had an issue until just recently. I know alot of plastic containers can be dangerous also because of heat etc. But my issue is after I drink the water my throat feels sore. I do have food allergies which include dairy and wheat.

  13. I noticed a different sensation in my throat perhaps a dryness in the throat, some sensation from drinking bottled water from the supermarket, I checked it’s PET 1 – market in a Triangle on the bottle – so I don’t trust drinking bottled water anymore !
    Seriously – have to drink natural water – You really need to know your details – Even with a well – is the pipe lead or what is carrying the water from the well to the pump and to the tap? Is everything setup todate? Then get proper glass storage bottles or at least BPA Free

  14. I’m age 75. In last 2 years developed allergy to some plastics. The water bottles have immediate effects on my lips. Start to tingle and get very dry . Within hours get very dry and chapped and crack. Now have noticed that handling some plastic bags cause severe irrational on hands, with immediate redness and itching. Example. Bought some bolts at hardware store in small plastic bags. It seems the cheapest plastic bags for effect on hand irration. Clear cellophane wraps are killers. Severe hand irration in minutes. Hard plastics seem to be ok.

  15. Recently started sinking smart water after my glass water bottle broke. I’ve noticed every time I drink from the smart water bottle that I get a scratchy, sore throat. I’ll def be going back to a reusable bottle.

    1. Hi bridgette i am having the same type of issue. It’s been at least 3 or 4 years for me. In the off chance your sensitivity is the same as mine I have found that Fuji does not bother me for when I am in a pinch. Good luck

  16. 83 years old. When I drink bottled water I immediately get hives and excruciating itch on fore arms and belt line. Took me a long time to narrow it down. What alternatives are there?

  17. This just started happening to me with plastic water bottles and straws. I am a 59 year old female and never had any problems before. I am miserable now. I decided tonight to see my dermatologist to rule out lip cancer but am fairly certain it is due to a plastic allergy. Why is this happening now? Help!

    1. Alot of allergies can come from exposure over time. I discovered I am allergic to the silicone in my contacts (worn correctly for 17yrs) and more recently plastic drinking cups/bottles etc…we are exposed daily to’s in our food…I found metal straws for my yeti cup & choose glass as much as possible! Hope you find ways to decrease your sensitivity!

  18. Thank you…for valuable guidance
    I am facing similar kind of allergies of plastic use and throw water drinking glasses. ..almost after a year i found the exact allergic substance …whenever i drink water in use and throw plastic glass. ..after one or two days my lip become dry and the inner skin is become red and sensitive. ..throt become shore and lips become swallowe …i can not eat my regular food for almost a week …i have consulted dermatologist. …but the medicine is not effective. ..please help me and guide me for effective treatment

  19. I’m 38 yrs old and have bad reactions to plastic. I used to drink bottle water and I won’t touch the stuff now because it makes me sick, some bottle water brands give me stomach cramps and diarrhea, I was drinking one brand that didn’t seem to bother me, and then one day it started bothering me, it would give me horrible breath an after taste, and I would brush my teeth or eat something and the taste would not go away, in fact it would be so bad that it would make me puke, so I stopped drinking that water to. I bought a plastic bottle from walmart to put tap water in to keep cold in the refrigerator, and I started having a allergic reaction to that, I’d drink tap water from the bottle and it would make a nerve twitch and vibrate constantly in my left thigh, was driving me nuts, this nerve twitch started the next day after drinking from the bottle, I wasn’t sure at first if it was the bottle, so I stopped drinking from it, and 22 hours after my last drink from the bottle the twitching stopped, I re-drank some water a couple of days later from the bottle just to make sure it was the bottle and about 40 mins after drinking the water the twitch started again. So I tried cleaning it good to see if that would help, even poured bleach into it and let it set for 30 mins. then washed it out with dish soap, but it didn’t make a difference because it still causes my leg to twitch uncontrollably.

    I can’t drink out of some of the solo cups either, the ones that have the red or blue color on the outside and white on the inside, if I drank something from one of them I would get a weird metallic taste in my mouth and throw up later. My mom on thanksgiving always makes chocolate covered pretzels, one year she didn’t put them in tupperware, and instead put them in a plastic ziploc bag, it absorbed some of the plastic in the bag into the pretzels and I ate some and it made me sick, I could taste the plastic taste. But I have an allergic reaction to plastic……..

  20. I’m currently waiting on a patch test to confirm what I’ve pieced together myself– an allergy to plastic. It was a reusable stainless steel water bottle with a plastic lid that tipped me off. I noticed I had a red marking on my upper lip that matched the size of the lid. As others have mentioned, I also experience itchy and burning sensations every day for years. I was told it was psoriasis, excema, not an allergy… you name it. But I *knew* something was up. When I noticed the lid to lip match, I immediately started to eliminate all plastics that touch my mouth– not at all an easy thing to do. I subconsciously chew my pen and that also caused a reaction! Stainless steel straws, glass water bottles, etc. are not as easy as you’d imagine to come by. And now I’m carrying stainless steel straws and camping forks/knives in my purse in case I get take out, and have left a ceramic mug as work for emergency pop (I’d read that even the “paint” on pop cans has plastic on it). It’s a complete and utter chore and I hope that the patch test proves my theory so I can get a better sense of what I need to do and avoid doing going forward. I had a massive reaction while wearing lipstick once, so I’m wondering if it was compounded by drinking from plastic or is there an associated chemical found in my lipstick.

    I personally drink distilled water through a distiller that I have installed in my home. My drinking receptacles are all stainless steel. It was truly just the lid/mouth piece causing it all. I haven’t experienced any of the stomach issues some people mentioned. My attacks are literally just on my lips. It appears all around the circumference of the lips. They will chap over after burning or even swelling a bit, then within 2 days it’s gone. So far eliminating immediate plastic contact has helped. But really, it’s a true challenge. Plastic is everywhere! Even our toothbrushes are plastic!

  21. Well I am pretty sure I have an allergy to bottled water. I do not have a problem with my lips or skin when I drink putt of the bottle, however if I drink any more than a about 20 oz my throat will get sore and I will probably have a fever and chills by the morning. Dasanni is by far the worst for me and I have been able to drink Fuji without a problem so far. My water bottle is stainless with a plastic lid also with no issues. I didn’t notice anyone saying they were getting cold symptoms (I’m gonna go back) from the bottles. I’m very glad I found this page I was thinking I was either going crazy or all alone being allergic to bottled water. Sorry your dealing with same thing i am.

  22. I recently discovered i was allergic to most plastic drinking vessels. For years I had on and off gut renching pain, was told I had IBS, was sent for all kinds of tests and scopes. All with no results.
    I often had to leave work because of the pain. Until one day I was going home and reflecting and trying to figure out what was causing this pain. I felt fine the 2 previous days. The only difference I found in my diet was that I used a plastic vessel on the days I had pain. Stopped using plastic…I got my life back!

  23. When I drink from plastic my mouth feels dry and prickly. It is maddening!!! For over a year I only drink from glass (goodwill store/ cheap because carrying it around all day they will break) and glass straws (amazon). I previously had mercury poisoning which is, I feel, what made me sensitive to plastic and other metals. Lanolin cures the dry chapped lips in a day or so (Amazon- only get 100%). lanolin is amazing!!! Best wishes to all!

  24. Hello, for the last 1.5 years I have had my tongue swelled up about 8 times. I have tried to figure out as to what the cause could be and have not been able to nail it down. Again I just had this happen to me after a few sips out of a plastic bottle with water. So I am now on the path of figuring this out, I think. I just learned the plastic bottle chart and now I know what to stay away from. I have also been already researching a water distiller, this will make me move a little faster to that goal. I am 63years old.

  25. I get an itchy rash on my thumb from opening water bottles with my hands. I have an autoimmune condition that began long before I started using bottled water, but I sometimes wonder if the bottled water contributes to it. I live in an area where the tap water tastes so bad, I just got used to drinking bottled water. So far, I’m the only person I can find who gets a rash from opening the bottle.

  26. I have carried a water bottle since the mid 1980’s, years before it became popular to do so. I refilled it at home from the tap until I started having problems with the chlorine added to the water where I lived. I checked with the city and was told that the chlorine levels were within the acceptable range. So I started buying bottled water in 5 gallon jugs to refill my water bottle.
    Now I am finding that most refillable water bottles irritate the inside of my mouth. I buy one and use it a bit, only to find it irritates me. I have tried multiple brands. Strangely enough, I can drink out of the branded water bottles. So now I refill the one use water bottles for a few weeks and then start a fresh one. I don’t like having to keep buying water in travel size bottles. It is wasteful and bad for the environment but what else can I do? I don’t like stainless steel and the glass bottles are heavier.

  27. My upper lip sometime swells when I drink from my yeti cup using its lid. What kind of plastic is that – could the swelling be due to the lid? Important to note that the lid has scuff marks and is slightly damaged….could this exposed plastic be causing it?

  28. I am allergic to plastic because they’re made out of corn polymers. Recently it’s becoming worse. #1 used to be ok but it’s no longer ok. 4,6,7 are fine as well

  29. I have been tested for allergies and continue to have lab work done for the pass three weeks to determine why my tongue and entire mouth feels like something is stinging it. A partial diagnosis is Burning Tongue Syndrome. I HV noticed when I drink Deer Park Water my lip on the inside begins to tingle on several occasions. At least I HV established one culprit that has to do with my Burning Tongue Syndrome! Shock to know I am allergic to plastic. Deer Park Water is not safe. The plastic rating is moderately safe–not good enough!

  30. I have been to the ER 2 times from drinking out of plastic water bottles and couple other occasions where it wasn’t as bad ! ! First it starts with a tingle feeling in the lips then my eyes get blood shot red then face starts to swell within 3 mins of drinking the water then my throut starts to close up an triggers my asthma an can’t breath almost didn’t make it both times had to call the ambulance I’m scared now cuz I deff know it’s the damn plastic that triggers this! The ER gave me epi pen for the next Time it happens ! I’m 36 years old an just recently started to happen I’ve lived a crazy ass life and this is what is gonna kill me !!

  31. My entire back especially down my spine extreme itching. Also along my belt line in front. No rash just extreme crazy itching. Sometimes small bumps. I drink from plastic bottles power aid zero. Refill each time from well water.

  32. I had my gallbladder removed in November (2017) and ever since, I have been having reactions when drinking from plastic water bottles (the cheaper non-brands). It is almost instant – my lip will tingle and then swell up. This also happened when my lip touched the lid to a McDonald’s McCafe cup. Instantly. Thicker plastics have been ok, like pop bottles, but the thin water bottles do it everytime. I have taken a water bottle and poured the water into a different cup and was fine. It is definitely the bottle. Also since my surgery, I have had a heightened sensitivity to nickel. I can’t touch a shopping cart (metal), metal railing, or coins without my hands becoming itchy, red and swollen. I do wonder if somehow the two are connected. Like the machinery used to tighten the caps or make the bottles leave traces of nickel. I’ll be looking into this further.

  33. I get a lot of mucous like a histamine reaction when I drink any non-carbonated drink out of PET #1 bottles. Seems like plastic is no good for us or our world.. i am trying to just drink out of glass bottles and it is a lot better., it is hard, plastic is everywhere, changing to metal, wood and glass for everything else around the house – goodbye plastic.

  34. Looking at all of these comments has me literally in tears right now. Im a 49 y/o man and ive been living with this allergy/sensitivity most of my life but never knew the origin of my ailments until an extreme flare up brought mine to a hypersensitive level and literally destroyed my entire existence. People seemed to think i was making it up for attention or to get out of working since i could no longer be in public and basically became an anti social shut in. But nothing in the world is worth this kind of suffering. I react to plastic water bottles, plastic, carpeting, polyester, cardboard, vinyl, car interiors, any kind of rubber, shoes and sneakers, the shoe aisle and bike aisle at stores leaves me feeling like im suffocating, food packaged in plastic, socks and underwear, fake leather (THE WORST), all furniture and learned the hard way i can NEVER use public washers and dryers. After using a laundromat ALL OF MY CLOTHING became horrifyingly reactive and triggerd me so much i had to spend almost the entire summer nearly naked. Luckily i live in seclusion now and privacy was no issue. But as soon as the weather got cool and i had to use a blanket and clothing i spiralled into a nightmare of illness and complete immune suppression once again. My symptoms rage from an intense stomach ache that wont go away for WEEKS at a time, insomnia, dizzyness, painful dry and cracked swollen sinuses and nostrils, progressive food sensitivity, violent shaking/tremors, mental cloudyness and at times loss of recall. Ive had to dispose of an entire wardrobe after washing my clothing in a friends washer not knowing he would wash his rubber backed throw rugs in them. Well…… my safe wardrobe became an instant nightmare as the little rubber pieces fused to my clothing in the dryer and wearing any of them would trigger me severely and CONSISTENTLY until i ended up hypersensitive and couldnt even be around people wearing polyester clothing. This is a life destroying allergy and should be taken quite seriously. I have no idea where to go from this point as life has become a living hell and most people write me off as a hypochondriac and show little to no compassion. I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy.

  35. I have had a dry mouth sensation steadily getting worse over 5 years. I noticed it when i started drinking water from plastic bottles as i understood tap water not safe in silicone valley where i lived. Doctors claimed i had an autoimmune disorder called shogrens syndrome but 4 tests negative and dryness directly related to drinking water out of bottles, some bottles much worse. Whole foods 123 store brand is least problematic. Fiji ok, but most others i start coughing and have a dry throat sensation, a feeling that something is coating my throat… annoying.

    Since most tap water is full of chemicals, what to do ? Must i buy an expensive water filtration system like double osmosis? Had water from this kind of filter at spa and no problems with that. Uggg!

  36. Hi had this for just over 2 year took some time to figer out what was going on
    in my mouth and what was the cuse plastic water bottle plastic straws spoons
    anything made with any plastic I put to my lips .I end up will swollen lips blisters on the inside of my mouth all over then very very dry mouth .I now carry paper straws with me at all time and have metal water bottles.


  37. I recently bought some smart water and jerky at a gas station while I was heading to visit my parents. Almost immediately after eating some of the jerky and drinking the water I broke out in a rash on my arms. I assumed it was the jerky I’d bought because it was a different brand. A couple of days after this happened, I again drank some smart water and experienced the same reaction but this time it was more severe and covered more of my body. This is the first time this has ever happened. I must assume it was the water but this is also a brand that I’ve drank several times in the past with no reaction.

  38. this is very scary I never had this problem allergy to plastic water bottles n my is more serious I notice I’m allergic to other plastic such as movie c.d, sandwich bags just about any plastic but I’m not alone I thought I was single out from the world it’s hard living with this allergy everything is plastic question where n how can this be cured n what the best medication to take for my reaction I breathing stop I feel suffocated please help I need answer n a good doctor thanks

  39. this is very scary I never had this problem allergy to plastic water bottles my allergies is more serious I notice I’m allergic to other plastic such as movie c.d, sandwich bags just about any plastic but I’m not alone I thought I was single out from the world it’s hard living with this allergy everything is plastic question where n how can this be cured n what is the best medication to take for my reaction my breathing is almost like i have astma I feel suffocated please help I need answer n a good doctor thanks

  40. Hi, when my kids and I drink from plastic water bottles we all develop an irritation in our throats. No dry, tingly lips or blisters or anything like that. Could this be a form of a slight allergy to the plastic? I just recently started buying bottle water and I have never had something like this till now. I would love some feedback about this. Thank you

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