Allergy-Friendly Desserts and Side Dishes for Thanksgiving

By Kristen Chandler

Allergy-friendly Thanksgiving recipes

When I was younger, I used to look forward to holidays like Thanksgiving, when we would go over to my grandmother’s house and everyone would come and bring a dish to go along with the turkey. You never knew what everyone was going to bring.

Now, as a food allergy mom, going to Grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving is more stressful than exciting … because you never know what everyone is going to bring. Not to mention, the food is set out buffet style on the counter, so allergens and opportunities for cross-contamination are everywhere.

If you host Thanksgiving dinner at your own house, you have a lot more control over how the food is prepared and where, what is brought from outside the home, and where it is displayed. If you are going somewhere else and not hosting, it would be best to ask the hostess to keep any allergy-friendly dishes away from those containing your or your children’s allergens. To be safe, I usually fix my kids a plate of safe food ahead of time, before the food has had a chance to get contaminated.

Now, about the food: here are just a few examples of side dishes and desserts from the My Kid’s Food Allergies recipe database that I have found go with Thanksgiving dinner nicely.

  • Mini Pumpkin Pies: This allergy free recipe for the traditional favorite also includes a recipe for coconut whip topping. Yummy!
  • Pumpkin Ice Cream: So, everyone may not eat ice cream at Thanksgiving, but this is PUMPKIN flavored AND allergy friendly!
  • Mac and Cheese: This delightful recipe is dairy free. The ingredients may surprise you, but it is delicious.
  • Allergy Free Bundt Cake: This cake is dairy and egg free, and can be made with gluten free flours as well. Food allergies do not have to mean no cake!


Some additional side dishes that are very simple to make include:

  • Mashed potatoes (use dairy-free butter plus a little chicken broth for desired consistency)
  • Baked sweet potatoes instead of sweet potato casserole
  • Steamed fresh green beans (canned or frozen can also be used) instead of green bean casserole


These are just a few ideas to get you started. Be sure to check out our recipe database for even more recipes. We are constantly updating this database, so check back frequently. Also, if you have a delicious allergy friendly recipe that you would love to share, please feel free to submit it to us.

Have a SAFE and Happy Thanksgiving!

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