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Chocolate is many people’s guilty pleasure, but for people with dairy allergies, indulging in chocolate can trigger much more than guilt. For these folks, most chocolate on the market will trigger an allergic reaction that could be life-threatening.

Fortunately, Amanda’s Own Confections offers a selection of delicious chocolate treats that are completely dairy-free. For good measure, these goodies are also free of the other top seven food allergens. This makes Amanda’s Own perfect for individuals and families with multiple food allergies in addition to the many people living with single food allergies.

Inspiration From a Daughter’s Struggles

Beth Cherico, owner and founder of Amanda’s Own Confections, was inspired to create her chocolate company in response to her daughter’s life-threatening food allergy. She struggled to find treats that were safe for her daughter to eat, and her daughter often felt left out during special occasions. “It was crushing for her and us at holidays, especially Easter, that she couldn’t have a chocolate Easter bunny in her basket,” Cherico remembered.

When Cherico first began making her own dairy-free chocolates, she didn’t imagine she would soon be founding her own company. She just wanted to make some delicious treats that her daughter could safely enjoy. However, the feedback from friends and family was so positive and encouraging that she decided to make her chocolate available to everyone. She created Amanda’s Own Confections, named for her inspiration—her daughter.


In addition to using allergy-free recipes for their chocolates and treats, Amanda’s Own uses an allergy-free facility in order to ensure that there is no danger of cross-contamination. The company wants everyone to be able to enjoy their confections with total peace-of-mind.

Holiday Treats and Everyday Goodies

Amanda’s Own Confections creates and sells a variety of delicious treats, including chocolates and candies for most major holidays. There are pumpkin-shaped chocolates for Halloween, shamrock-shaped chocolates for St. Patrick’s Day, chocolate Santas for Christmas, chocolate gelt for Hanukkah and, of course, chocolate bunnies for Easter. Cherico says that their chocolate Easter bunny and their treat-filled Advent calendar have become their most popular items.


The company also has treats for Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Passover, first communion, graduations and birthday celebrations. With these dairy-free, gluten-free, tree nut-free, peanut-free and egg-free goodies, no one needs to feel left out on special occasions!

Amanda’s Own also sells wonderful confections that you can enjoy any time of the year. Their selection includes chocolate bars, peppermint bark and crispy rice bark, and marshmallow clusters. They sell chocolate lollypops in delightful shapes like trains and dinosaurs, creamy sunflower cups and jelly beans in 41 exciting flavors. They also sell chocolate chips perfect for baking, with four great recipes to get you started posted right on their website.


In the near future, Amanda’s own will even be coming out with their very own chocolate chip cookie dough, which Cherico described as “so yummy you can eat it right out of the container with a spoon!”

Wonderful Feedback From Grateful Parents

As an allergy mom herself, Cherico says that the feedback from other allergy parents has been extremely rewarding. “It’s wonderful to hear from our customers that we have made a positive impact on their lives, enriched their holidays and made their children feel “normal,” she said.

Not all of the positive comments praising Amanda’s Own Confections have come from the parents of allergy children. One women wrote in with thanks on her own behalf, saying, “This weekend I had chocolate for the first time in over twenty years due to severe lactose intolerance. I have about overdosed on chocolate.”

However, the thanks from parents are especially gratifying given Cherico’s own experiences with her daughter. One mother contacted Cherico to say “I ordered some chocolates for my son for Christmas and I just wanted to let you know he LOVED them. He was so excited that he actually got chocolate I think that it outshined any other gift he got!”

It’s hard for non-allergy parents to understand the joy of sharing chocolate with your child for the first time. It’s “something most people just take for granted,” Cherico said.

Amanda’s Own Supports the Allergy Community

Amanda’s Own Confections is active in the larger allergy community, providing local and national groups with samples for meetings and FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) walks.

Providing great service and support is extremely important to Amanda’s Own. They will always go the extra mile to help their customers, because they know that  many people who buy their products are struggling with the same challenges their own family faced.

“I understand the daily struggle to keep your child safe and feeling like a “normal” child,” Cherico said.   “We try to make that struggle just a little less by providing safe and delicious chocolate treats your entire family will love.”

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