An Overview of Food Allergies

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This overview was written to introduce concerned parents to kids’ food allergies. Although not intended to be a diagnosis, we hope the information we’ve compiled based on sound research will help your family make informed decisions about the next steps to take on your food allergy journey. As always, we recommend seeing an allergist and or your pediatrician if you suspect your child has a food allergy.

“This e-book would also be a great resource to share with family members, babysitters, or other people in your life who need to understand just how serious food allergies are and how to keep you or your food-allergic child safe. (It might be just the thing to finally convince that one family member to stop serving her nut-filled casserole at every family party.)” —Kelley Lindberg, Publisher of Food Allergy Feast

“I read this book and found it a very helpful resource. The book has many different topics from what is a food allergy, to dealing with everyday life and food allergies. There are food allergy myths, graphs and even statistics. We have been living with food allergies for almost 8 years and there was so much more I learned about allergies after reading this very informative eBook. I recommend this book to all my readers.” —Jeanette, Publisher of Mom to Food Allergy Kid

“It’s a great book for parents who are just venturing into the world of food allergies, but it’s also helpful for those of us who feel we are seasoned veterans.” — Janeen, Publisher of Cutest Blog on the Block

“This is something that I would love to see available in physician and allergy specialist’s offices to help explain so many of the facts that are very often just not described by our medical professionals.” —Tracy Bush, Publisher of Nutrimom

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