Beat Food Allergies

Beat Food Allergies

Illustrated Book for Kids

Tumptin’s Sneeze is a children’s book featuring the story of a little elephant named Tumptin and his determined friend Kiya. Tumptin provides good luck to the villagers by keeping their crops healthy thanks to the abundant moisture of his sneezes. But Kiya wants to find out what is causing Tumptin to get sick, bringing on such enormous sneezes. Will she be able to convince the others to help Tumptin even if it means the villagers might lose their crops?

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Illustrations by Hollie Mengert
The amazing artwork of Hollie Mengert


This Book About Beating Food Allergies Teaches:

Food allergies: Food allergies can manifest in various ways and can be quite serious. This story was created as a fun way of helping young children become familiar with the ever-growing challenges of food allergies and how to adapt to them. Once children become more aware of the problem, they can easily make accommodations to help themselves and others be more comfortable. By doing so, we can help beat one of the biggest struggles associated with food allergies — getting those involved in the child’s life to help keep the allergy-causing foods away from him or her in a manner that preserves dignity and respect for the child.

Standing up for something important: Sometimes it is difficult to stand up for what you believe … especially when everyone tells you that you are wrong. Kiya had to stand her ground and, even though it was difficult, it ended up helping Tumptin feel better.

This book is perfect for:

  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Child care workers
  • Social workers
  • Child therapists
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Libraries
  • Relatives of children with food allergies
  • Friends of children with food allergies
  • Others who interact with a child with food allergies

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Here are a few samples from Tumptin’s Sneeze. The amazing illustrations are by Hollie Mengert. 



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