Blings for Allergic Kids

medical wristband

Medical bracelets provide peace of mind so that when the unexpected happens, important medical information will be conveyed to the professionals that need to know. If your child has a history or a diagnosis of food allergies, it is important to have them wear a medical ID. Kids’ food allergies bracelets are not just medical blings, they’re potentially life-saving and with different styles available in the market, an ID bracelet is something your child will enjoy wearing every day.

Why are medical IDs critical?

  • In an emergency situation when you might not be able to speak for yourself, a medical ID band will speak for you.
  • Symptoms of common ailments can be misdiagnosed. Prompt diagnosis is important for effective medical treatment. Important medical information engraved on your medical ID will ensure appropriate and timely medical care.
  • 95 percent of emergency responders always look for a medical ID in an emergency situation. If you’re wearing a medical ID, it won’t be missed during assessment.

Here are some kid food allergy bracelet products:

–          The Allerbling wristband is a unique medical ID bracelet—it can be customized at any time, based on your child’s changing food allergy conditions.

–          Allermates are silicone allergy bracelets with fun designs. Children can customize a multi-allergen bracelet. It comes with button-on allergen characters. Even very young children who cannot read can use the images as reminders of their food allergy condition.

  • Oneida Medical Jewelry

–          Oneida offers classic stainless wristbands to beaded jeweleries with free engraving on all pieces. Oneida tags can be engraved on both sides, allowing the wearer to fit multiple allergy alerts on one tag.

  • MedicAlert

–          This was founded by Dr. Marion Collins who had a daughter with a life-threatening allergy. After years of wearing a paper bracelet with a note about her allergy, Dr. Collins’ daughter had the idea of creating a silver bracelet with her allergy information and her father commissioned a jeweller to create one. MedicAlert is combined with style and practicality with its subscription call service.


braclets 1Awareness is the key to avoiding food allergy emergencies. As parents, you want your children to be safe when they are out or being cared by someone else. Kids’ food allergy bracelets can be your partner that informs and reminds others about your child’s food allergic conditions.



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