• Get Ready to Enjoy an Allergy-Free Easter!

    Get Ready to Enjoy an Allergy-Free Easter!

  • The Unique Needs of a Food Allergic Child Starting School
    02-27-2017 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    15+ Delicious, Fast Snacks for Kids With Food Allergies

    Snacks! Every kid’s got to have them, and every parent better be armed to the teeth with snacks or suffer the wrath of an irritable, hungry kid. Don’t worry parents, we’ve got your back! Finding Read More

  • Can Eating Pumpkin Seeds Help With Asthma?
    01-25-2017 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    Can Eating Pumpkin Seeds Help With Asthma?

    Asthma can be a terrifying condition that can severely limit a child’s naturally active energy. However, with proper preventative care and nutrition, many children with asthma lead active, full lives. Recently experts have turned their Read More

  • Friends of My Kid's Food Allergies Spotlight: Brothers All Natural
    01-09-2017 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    Friends of My Kid’s Food Allergies Spotlight: Brothers All Natural

    By Kristen Chandler Here at My Kids Food Allergies, we like to spotlight websites, blogs and products that help spread food allergy awareness and education and/or offer food allergy-friendly products. Sometimes, we are even able Read More

    Studies show a high fiber diet may reduce food allergies
    12-29-2016 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    Studies Show a High Fiber Diet May Reduce Food Allergies

    By Kristen Chandler A study published over the summer in Cell Reports showed evidence that a simple dietary change could help reduce food allergies. The study, conducted on mice, showed that food allergies were linked Read More

    National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Request More Accurate Food Labels
    12-27-2016 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Request More Accurate Food Labels

    By Kristen Chandler Whether you or your child has food allergies, you know how important it is to read food labels. Allergens can be hidden, and manufacturers sometimes change their ingredients or change their manufacturing Read More

    Banza pasta
    12-22-2016 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    Food Allergy-Friendly Product Spotlight: Banza Pasta

    By Kristen Chandler Occasionally here at My Kids Food Allergies, we spotlight other blogs in the food allergy community or allergy-friendly products that we love. The latest product to come to our attention is Banza Read More

    Free-From Foods are Becoming More Available
    12-12-2016 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    Free-From Foods are Becoming More Available

    By Kristen Chandler As the number of people who have food allergies increases, the availability and variety of allergy-friendly foods are increasing as well. With a growing number of consumers on special diets and wanting Read More

    Safely Introduce Peanuts to Infants with Hello, Peanut!
    12-08-2016 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    Safely Introduce Peanuts to Infants with Hello, Peanut!

    By Kristen Chandler Because of the steady rise of food allergies among children, when children should be introduced to specific foods has been a debatable question for quite some time. As allergies have increased, so Read More

    Spice Allergies, Especially Around the Holidays
    12-02-2016 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    Beware of Spice Allergies, Especially During Holiday Season

    By Kristen Chandler Spice allergies account for about 2 percent of food allergies, based on information provided by the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI). Allergies to spices are difficult to determine because Read More

    Donkey milk: Another alternative to cow's milk
    11-08-2016 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    Another Alternative to Cow’s Milk: Donkey Milk

    By Kristen Chandler If you have a child or know someone who suffers from an allergy to cow’s milk, you are probably aware of the many non-dairy alternatives. Soy milk. Almond milk. Coconut milk. Rice Read More

    Allergy-free Halloween candy and non-candy treats
    10-14-2016 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    Allergy-Free Candy and Non-Candy Ideas for Halloween

    By Kristen Chandler As a child, I can’t say I loved Halloween. I’ve never been a fan of dressing up, or masks. I did like the candy of course, but I didn’t care for the Read More

    Recipes for kids with food allergies
    09-29-2016 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    Recipes for Kids with Food Allergies

    By Kristen Chandler One thing I learned early in my and my children’s food allergy journey is that most snack foods and prepared frozen meals contain allergens. It’s even more difficult when you have multiple Read More

    Pure Kids' Vitamins by Nutritional Guardian
    09-27-2016 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    Friends of MKFA Company Spotlight: Nutritional Guardian

    As a parent of a child with a food allergy or sensitivity, you’re probably well aware that we have to be cautious of allergens even in non-food items. This includes supplements, such as vitamins. Dr. Read More

    06-17-2016 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    Review: The New Milks Cookbook by Dina Cheney

    By Kristen Chandler The New Milks: 100-Plus Dairy-Free Recipes for Making and Cooking with Soy, Nut, Seed, Grain, and Coconut Milks is the latest cookbook from author Dina Cheney. As the title suggests, The New Read More

    Hypoallergenic Peanut Butter
    03-02-2016 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    Is Hypoallergenic Peanut Butter for Real?

    Peanut butter is such a part of childhood for so many of us. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich could be the symbol of childhood lunches. But for those kids who are allergic, the joy Read More

    02-26-2016 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    Amanda’s Own Confections

    Chocolate is many people’s guilty pleasure, but for people with dairy allergies, indulging in chocolate can trigger much more than guilt. For these folks, most chocolate on the market will trigger an allergic reaction that Read More

    02-24-2016 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    The Best Food Allergy-Friendly Candy

    We all know most kids love candy, and while you may want to restrict your child’s intake for other health reasons, having food allergies can also be a barrier to enjoying sweet treats. It’s especially Read More

    Food Allergen Labeling
    02-22-2016 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    Food Allergen Labeling: What Does it All Mean?

    If you have a child with food allergies, checking labels is a way of life. Did you know that labeling is required by law? The Food Allergen Labeling Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) passed in 2004 Read More

    No Cow Chocolates
    07-23-2015 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    Enjoy the Sweet Variety of No Cow Chocolate’s Dairy-Free Treats

    Update: Since the writing of this company spotlight, NoCow Chocolate has sadly closed up shop. We loved their “Free From” chocolates and were disappointed to hear they’re no longer available. However, in their place we Read More

    05-29-2015 by My Kid's Food Allergies

    A New Way To Satisfy That Craving For The Occasional Treat: Allergen-Free Chocolates That Are Healthy Too!

    Throughout the years, chocolate has gotten a bad rap for being a decadent treat that only serves to destabilize insulin levels and cause weight gain. But while overconsumption of poor-quality chocolate may not be wise, Read More

    allergy friendly cookies
    04-29-2015 by MKFA

    Fancypants Allergy Friendly Cookies: “Just Like Grandma Used To Make”

    Eating the occasional baked treat is a guilty pleasure for many people. But, for people who suffer from food allergies, the risk of exposure to allergens often hidden in baked goods is simply not worth Read More

    crispy fruit
    04-07-2015 by MKFA

    Crispy Fruit: A Healthy And Crispier Answer To An Unhealthy Snack Food Problem

    Finding healthy snacks for children can be a challenge even without additional concerns of an allergic reaction. As families become more active and time constraints make preparing homemade snacks less probable, grabbing a quick convenient Read More

    Allergic Solution
    03-25-2015 by MKFA

    Allergic Solution: Healthier Allergy-Free Eating With a Taste of Yum

    Imagine a scenario where it would be possible for you to make pancakes or bake cookies, muffins or even a birthday cake and safely serve it to your family, despite the fact that you and Read More

    cure peanut allergies
    01-30-2015 by MKFA

    Can a Bacterial Supplement Cure Peanut Allergies? New Research Offers Hope

    A team of researchers from Murdoch Childrens Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia has achieved a significant breakthrough in the treatment of peanut allergies. By adding a bacterial supplement to the diets of children known to Read More

    01-27-2015 by MKFA

    Valentine’s Day Gifts From Friends of My Kid’s Food Allergies

    In celebration of Valentine’s Day, My Kid’s Food Allergies is pleased to introduce many allergy-safe products from our partners in the food allergy community. While these products are great for any time of year, the Read More

    11-20-2014 by MKFA

    Review – The Stepping Stones to Food Allergies By Tracy Bush, NutriMom Food Allergy Liason

    I had the pleasure of recently reviewing Tracy Bush’s (aka NutriMom) book, The Stepping Stones to Food Allergies. This book has 200 pages full of helpful kitchen tips, substitutions and lots of cooking and baking Read More

    09-17-2014 by MKFA

    Is Your Child Allergic to Soy? Five Quick Tips for Eating Soy Free

    Allergies to soy are among the most common food allergies affecting children. Although more than one quarter of a million children in the United States are allergic to soy, it is one of the most Read More

    07-28-2014 by MKFA

    Zego Bar: The Allergy-Friendly Energy Bar

    What happens when a nutritionist who is also an avid cyclist and triathlete, teams up with a child nutrition advocate who was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease at age 15, and is also a parent of Read More

    by MKFA

    8 Easy Steps to Plan and Prepare Children’s Allergy Friendly Meals

    Managing your kids’ food allergies can be a daunting task. Reading labels, monitoring snacks and treats from other people, and dealing with children’s desire to eat what “everyone else” is eating, can also be exhausting. Read More

    08-27-2013 by MKFA

    Comprehensive Allergy Cookbooks

    What Else is to Eat? The Dairy-, Egg-, and Nut-Free Food Allergy Cookbook by Linda Marienhoff Coss –          You might think that preparing allergy-free meals entails purchasing hard-to-find or unusual ingredients or slaving in the Read More

    by MKFA

    The Kid-Friendly Food Allergy Cookbook

    Leslie Hammond is a culinary expert who focuses on allergies and allergen-free foods. She has a regular appearance on television in Northern California and runs her own business, Fancy-Free, creating allergen-free birthday cakes and foods Read More