Make Your Opinion Count!

Picture1In today’s ever growing market, new items are hitting the store shelves at lightning speed. As awareness of the dangers a severe food allergy can pose rises, so too are the products aimed at helping food allergy sufferers. One of the best ways to ensure you’re being offered solutions that fit your unique situation is to provide feedback to manufacturers and retailers. The most effective feedback is probably offered by those participating in market research. Market research is the practice of collecting information about the preferences, spending habits and needs of consumers. Often performed in the form of taste tests, beta testing or questionnaires, market research is your opportunity to share your opinion about new and upcoming products. MindField Online™, an online company operated by The McMillion Companies, is looking for parents of kids aged, 5-18 with a peanut allergy, to participate in a taste test for a spreadable product designed specifically without peanuts or tree nut ingredients.  Each tester will receive $5.00 for testing two products and answering a short follow up survey. The products are also yours to keep. Click here to participate.

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