New Free E-Book: A Parent’s Guide to Food Allergies

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I am pleased to announce the release of my eBook, An Overview of Food Allergies for Parents in Need of Answers. I wrote this book because I felt there was a need for a single, concise overview of food allergies with a focus on children. There are several resources online to help parents learn more about food allergies, but the abundance of material and the technical details can be overwhelming. In my eBook I have collected much of this information and distilled it into one complete and easy-to-read resource.[ninja-popup id=2041] right arrow

My mission to educate my readers about food allergies begins with a young friend of my daughter’s. This friend has a peanut allergy and whenever she comes over to play, we have to be sure the peanut butter has been put away and that there are no traces of peanuts anywhere she’ll be. When my daughter was youngershe didn’t understand what all this meant. I realized that her friend was in a precarious situation. If her friends and their parents didn’t understand her allergy, her health and even her life could be at serious risk.

If you are the parent of a child with a newly diagnosed food allergy, or you just want to be more informed about this important issue, my new eBook should be your first read. In it you’ll find an introduction to food allergies and what that means. You will learn about the difference between an allergy and a food intolerance, details about the most common allergens in kids, how to get a diagnosis and all about treatment options. I have also included information about the latest experimental therapies and lists of ingredients to watch out for on food labels. The book also has links to guide you to more detailed
information on certain topics like EpiPens and menu planning for food allergies.

I collaborated with Mary Ellen Ellis on this eBook for her medical expertise and together I believe we have created a useful resource that will help you better understand food allergies and how to help your child live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life. Educating everyone about food allergies in children is so important. It can be life saving So pass this eBook on to your friends and family and help spread the word about kids and food allergies.

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