Friends of MKFA Company Spotlight: Nutritional Guardian

Pure Kids' Vitamins by Nutritional Guardian

As a parent of a child with a food allergy or sensitivity, you’re probably well aware that we have to be cautious of allergens even in non-food items. This includes supplements, such as vitamins. Dr. Kevin Dobrzynksi is aware of this as well. “Dr. Kevin,” as he’s known, has one child with a dairy sensitivity and another with a gluten sensitivity. As a doctor of natural medicine, he was tired of seeing stores sell children’s vitamins that were little more than “sugar pills” loaded with fillers, additives and potential allergens.

One day about a year ago, Dr. Kevin and his 9-year-old daughter Brook were on a daddy-daughter date. On a restaurant napkin, they came up with the idea of creating a healthy children’s book. But, they didn’t stop there. They decided to go further by providing families with more options for healthy products for kids. They wanted to see nutrition become a way of life in every family as it was in their own. This led to the start of their company, Nutritional Guardian, and the creation of their allergen- and additive-free vitamin, the Pure Kids’ Vitamin. Their motto is “Nothing to Harm Children, Everything to Develop Them.”

Sticky the Bear bookDr. Kevin and Brook also co-wrote the children’s book “Sticky the Bear: The Story of One Little Bear Who Loved to Eat Sweet Treats…a Nutrition Lesson.”  This is a story about a young bear who loves to eat sugary treats, but eventually his bad eating habits catch up with him, making it hard for Sticky to keep up with the other bears at play and in school. While he and his daughter wrote the book together, Dr. Kevin says “Sticky the Bear” was actually Brook’s idea.

Dr. Kevin is also the author of a book entitled “The Hypothyroid Diet,” which aims to help people with thyroid problems. He was inspired by his wife to write this book, as she is a thyroid cancer survivor and also suffers from hashimoto’s disease.

Dr. Kevin says the ultimate goal of Nutritional Guardian is to provide the best kids’ products that actually make a difference in their health. At this time, the only products Nutritional Guardian offers are the Pure Kids’ Vitamins and “Sticky the Bear.” The Pure Kids’ Vitamins can be purchased through the Nutritional Guardian website and will soon be available to purchase on Amazon. “Sticky the Bear” can now be purchased on Amazon. Dr. Kevin says that some of the most positive feedback they’ve received has been from customers who say their kids rarely get sick since they switched to the Pure Kids’ Vitamins.

In the future, Dr. Kevin says Nutritional Guardian will provide parents with a complete line of therapeutic health products for kids, as well as meal replacements, snacks and educational tools. We look forward to seeing what else Dr. Kevin, Brook and the rest of the Nutritional Guardian team will come up with!

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