The Grinch and the Pen – Guest Post by Tracy Bush

Dr. Seuss The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
Dr. Seuss The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

The Grinch & the Pen

By Tracy Bush Nutrimom – Food Allergy Liason

Last year, you all heard about how the Grinch saved Thanksgiving but have you ever wondered how he knew just what to do? And, why is he that shade of green…

When the Grinch was a boy, just a small little lad

He had a nice treat- one from mom, one from dad

And just like all of the Who girls and boys

Each Christmas, he listed toys upon toys.


But each Christmas, he noticed a slight belly ache

His tongue hurt, it felt fuzzy, was it something he ate?

“Oh, no,” said the family “it’s just what young ones say.

I’m sure he’s had too much, just give it a day.”


So every year, when the holiday treats were put out

Every year, the Grinch would just start to pout.

“Come on, little Grinchy, just one little bite. It’s the thoughts in your brain that cause the excite.

It’s fuzzle wuzzle pudding- it’s all the Who’s favorite

Don’t make such a face- you should just want to savor it.”


Each year, the tiny Grinch would eat just a spoonful

Making his belly feel as if he’s eaten a roomful

“But my tongue,” he would moan “it feels prickly and odd

And my belly is tender, like when I eat cod.”


You see, he knew what was wrong- even as a small kid

He knew just what the fuzzle wuzzle pudding did

Even his tiny, grinchy boy mind

Knew the answers that he had to find.

He knew right away, just once a for all

That the small bites must stop- the doctor he must call.


“Why hello, Grinchy Who, what brings you by here?

Such a small little lad at this time of year.

And, oh my, you are turning quite green!

What happened? What lurks within you? You’re looking quite mean.”


“Mister Doctor,” cried the small Grinch “my tongue and my belly

And my breath, oooh my breath- it gets kind of smelly.

I get green, I get dizzy, I can’t seem to breathe

Every year, when they make me eat that pudding

And when I get up, I can’t find my footing.


I know I’m a young one, Mister Doctor, I know

But there’s a reason I’m green and a reason I’m slow

That fuzzy wuzzy pudding- I don’t like it and my body can tell

One of these times, I will wind up quite unwell.

I cough and I sputter and I can’t find my breath

I fear that if I keep eating it, it will be my death.”


With that, the doctor soothed the little green Who

He checked on his belly, he asked him to chew

He checked on his heartbeat and made him say “Ahhhh”

But even the slightest sniff of fuzzy wuzzy pudding made him go “Blah!”


“You, lad, cannot eat this- it’s making you ill

Don’t touch it, don’t smell it, don’t even go near it

For, I fear, that this festive pudding is one great clue

The reason your tongue is so green and so fuzzy

The reason your poor little stomach gets buzzy

Your body doesn’t want it, not one little bit

Your body, when you eat it, will have its own fit.

If you continue to eat it, your body will give up

No more sips, no more bites, not one single cup.”


The tiny Grinch was sent home with a pen mightier than a sword

This pen contained medicine that cannot be ignored

The Grinch kept it close- it became his new friend

No matter where the Grinch went, this pen would attend.


And when his body would give him those signs

(The itching, the wheezing, making him whine)

This pen, it would save him but it was no ordinary pen-

In order to work, you must count to ten.


Going forward, the Grinch – he had special treats

The Who’s were all cautious and labeled all their sweets

Even the Who’s that didn’t quite understand,

Always had an extra EpiPen on hand.

About Tracy:

Tracy Bush is a food allergy consultant, author, blogger and mother. You can visit her website at NutrimomHeadShotJPEG




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