The Kid-Friendly Food Allergy Cookbook

Leslie Hammond is a culinary expert who focuses on allergies and allergen-free foods. She has a regular appearance on television in Northern California and runs her own business, Fancy-Free, creating allergen-free birthday cakes and foods for event catering.

About her Book: The Kid-friendly Food Allergy Cookbook

Leslie originally created this book amidst her busy schedule for her own kids. The recipes in this book are as easy to make as they are delicious. This book will show you everything you need to know about cooking for children with food allergies – including substitution and variation tips that will make your kids coming back for more.

Leslie Hammond knows that left-out feeling all too well. As a child she suffered from severe food allergies and would watch year after year as, when the birthday song had ended and she’d blown out the candles, her fancy party cake was whisked away and served to her friends, while she ate a dry rice cake. Now the mother of allergic children herself, Leslie vowed to spare her own children that trauma. She had developed over 100 recipes that will appeal to a kid’s tastes. Unlike other food-allergy cookbooks already on the market, her recipes hardly ever call for the kinds of ingredients that would gross out any kid — like tofu.

The book’s recipes take into account all of the most common food sensitivities like wheat and gluten, peanuts, or dairy. Each recipe can be modified to fit the dietary needs to the child.

It’s divided into three sections — snacks, main dishes, and treats. Leslie and co-author Lynne Rominger also provide information about how to find what you need in a regular grocery store, instead of requiring a separate trip to the natural foods store. She writes from the perspective of an ordinary working mom, and doesn’t design eating regimes that would take all day in the kitchen to satisfy.

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