Gimbal’s Fine Candies: Delicious and Allergen-Free

Gimbal's Fine CandiesThe family-owned, San Francisco-based candy company Gimbal’s Fine Candies has been making delicious treats for four generations. Their tasty and creative candies also happen to be free of the “big eight,” the most common food allergies identified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Children with one or more food allergies too often have to miss out on special treats, but Gimbal’s Fine Candies wants everyone to join the fun!

Gimbal’s candies are free of peanuts, tree nuts, soy, gluten, eggs, dairy, fish and shellfish. The company also makes its delicious products without high-fructose corn syrup. Each package of Gimbal’s candy is clearly labeled so that consumers know they are buying an allergen-free product.

Four Generations of Candy Innovation

Gimbal's Fine CandiesAlexander Gimbal founded a small candy kitchen in 1898 in the heart of downtown San Francisco. When Alexander’s brothers Eugene and Louis joined his business a year later, the candy kitchen became known as Gimbal Brothers. The building on Washington Street that housed Gimbal Brothers was one of the few that survived the 1906 earthquake and fire.

As the decades passed, this small candy kitchen would grow, move locations and even change its name. However, Gimbal’s never changed its commitment to creating quality candy and has continued to innovate and experiment to create new and exciting flavors for their customers to enjoy. From sour candies with rare tropical flavors to fiery cinnamon candies that truly bring the heat, Gimbal’s seeks to delight and surprise its customers without sacrificing its fundamental commitment to quality.

Candies That Everyone Can Enjoy

Gimbal’s Fine Candies truly believes in its motto: “Making Gourmet Candies for Everyone Everyday.” Thanks to their commitment to food allergen-free products and facilities, Gimbal’s sweet treats can truly be enjoyed by just about everyone.

Over the years, Gimbal’s allergen-free candies have earned gratitude and praise from customers affected by food allergies. In particular, parents of kids with food allergies frequently contact Gimbal’s to thank them for making candy that their children can enjoy safely.

Gimbal's Fine CandiesFinding special treats for people with one or more food allergies can be difficult, especially when allergy-free items are not clearly labeled. Furthermore, candy made to be food allergy safe is too often made with safety as the first priority and taste a distant second. Gimbal’s candies are anything but a flavorless substitute—these gourmet, delectable candies have a devoted following among people with and without food allergies thanks to their exceptional flavor and quality.

Even if your family is allergy free, Gimbal’s Fine Candies are a great choice to share with other people. Providing allergy-free candy for work or a school celebration ensures that everyone can partake regardless of their allergy situation. You may not know who has allergies and who doesn’t, and Gimbal’s is a great way to play it safe without compromising taste.

Award-Winning Products Earn Lifelong Fans

Gimbal’s jelly beans are made with real fruit juice, which may be why one happy customer described them as “the juiciest jelly beans I’ve ever had.” The fruit juice in Gimbal’s recipe helps the delicious fruit flavors, such as peach, pineapple, green apple and pink grapefruit, to burst with distinctive flavor. The juice also makes the jelly beans a good source of vitamin C.

Each bag of Gimbal’s jelly beans come with “recipes” on the package—suggestions for combinations of beans that provide a great flavor experience together. For example, you might eat the strawberry daiquiri, fruit punch, Baja margarita and pomegranate jelly beans together to make a Pomegranate Cosmo!

Gimbal’s takes flavor seriously, so be prepared for an intense experience when you try their Spicy Cinnamon Lava Balls or their Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans. These lava balls bring the heat, and the sour jelly beans are sure to make your mouth pucker. For candy lovers who like their candy to pack a punch, there is nothing like the vibrant flavor of Gimbal’s cinnamon and sour products.

One of Gimbal’s Fine Candies’ most popular items is their Cherry Lover’s Fruit Chew. These chewy, heart-shaped candies were introduced in 2009 with nine total cherry flavors: cherry daiquiri, cherry chocolate, kiwi cherry, bing cherry, cherry cheesecake, black cherry, wild cherry, cherry vanilla and cherry cola. This candy won the Best New Product Award from the National Confectionary Sales Association in 2009 and quickly grew into a fan favorite.

Gimbal’s Promotes Allergy Awareness

In addition to the company’s commitment to providing allergen-free candy for everyone to enjoy, Gimbal’s also works to share the allergy message. They support several organizations that perform allergy research, education and advocacy, including Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) and Kids With Food Allergies (KFA). You can follow Gimbal’s Fine Candies on Facebook to stay informed about the latest flavors.

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