The Best Food Allergy-Friendly Candy

We all know most kids love candy, and while you may want to restrict your child’s intake for other health reasons, having food allergies can also be a barrier to enjoying sweet treats. It’s especially tough for a kid with an allergy to watch siblings and friends enjoy candy they can’t have. Fortunately, there are more and more options for allergen-free candy being created all the time. Candy-makers and new entrepreneurs have recognized the need for candy that all kids can enjoy. Here are some of our favorite allergy-friendly candy brands that you and your family can enjoy without fear:

Premium Chocolatiers

“No nuts, no dairy, no gluten and no eggs” is the motto of Premium Chocolatiers. From these dedicated chocolate-makers comes a product that truly tastes just as rich, sweet and delicious as milk chocolate, but without the dairy or other allergens. Here you’ll find an assortment of tasty truffles, chocolate bars and candies for every holiday, including Valentine’s Day and Easter.

Gimbal’s Fine Candies

For classic candies like jelly beans, cinnamon treats and sour candies, look no further than Gimbal’s Fine Candies. They make truly gourmet candy that is also free of many allergens. You can count on every last one of their candies to be free from peanuts, tree nuts, soy, eggs, dairy and gluten. Because none of their candies contain these allergens, you can be sure that cross-contamination is not an issue.

Amore di Mona

If gourmet, artisan chocolate is your favorite, Amore di Mona has you covered. The collective that runs this chocolatier is focused on craft as well as nutrition and special dietary needs. They make chocolates that are free of soy, gluten, dairy, tree nuts and peanuts. Their candies are also GMO- and preservative-free.

Sun Cups

Who doesn’t love a peanut butter cup? For kids with peanut allergies, it’s hard to miss out on this popular candy, but thanks to Sun Cups there is an alternative. These are not dairy-free candies, but for the peanut-allergic child, Sun Cup Sunflower Butter Cups are a tasty treat. Using sunflower butter instead of peanut butter, these delicious candies come in dark and milk chocolate varieties.

Surf Sweets

Get all of your favorite fruity candies from Surf Sweets, and don’t worry about major allergens, including dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soy, shellfish, fish, sesame and sulfites. They process their candies without these ingredients and in facilities where contact with them is not possible. With Surf Sweets, you can find jelly beans, gummies, sour gummies, fruit rings and seasonal treats.

Vermont Nut Free Chocolates

Tree nuts and peanuts are responsible for many food allergies and have long kept kids and adults alike from enjoying candy, chocolates in particular. Even with a lot of nut-free chocolates you can’t count out cross-contamination, which is why you’ll love Vermont Nut Free Chocolates.  Not only are they peanut-free and nut-free, they are made in a facility that is totally free of these allergens. Enjoy these handmade and nut-free truffles, chocolate bars and other types of candies without worrying.

YumEarth Organic Candies

The sweet treats you can get from YumEarth are organic and free of many allergens. All of their candies are free of peanuts and manufactured in peanut-free facilities. The licorice candies are made in a facility free of peanuts, diary, soy, sesame, shellfish and eggs, and their other candies are made in facilities free of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, soy, shellfish, sesame and eggs. Their popular candies include gummies, sour beans and licorice.

The next time you need a sweet treat to satisfy your food allergic child or your own sweet tooth, turn to these manufacturers of delicious candies. You’ll find everything you need for birthday parties, holidays, school events and just for a special occasional treat. Having a food allergy doesn’t mean your child has to miss out on the sweet stuff.

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