Why You and Your Child Need Medical Emergency Bracelets

medical emergency braceletsMedical emergency bracelets can be life savers, literally. Doctors have long recommended that people with certain medical conditions wear identification so that first responders and others can make the best choices about care in emergency situations. People living with diabetes, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and allergies, as well as numerous other health conditions, can prevent disastrous situations simply by clearly identifying their conditions and needs.

For children with food allergies, wearing medical emergency bracelets can prevent them from being exposed to allergens, a life and death situation for many. It’s also important that parents and other caregivers wear identifiers. If you are in a situation in which you can’t speak for your child and her needs, a bracelet can do it for you. Here are the top reasons why you and your child should be wearing medical emergency bracelets:

    1. Medical emergency bracelets help first responders provide appropriate care. Probably the number one reason for wearing an identifying bracelet or other piece of jewelry is to aid the work of first responders. In an emergency situation, these health care workers have to work fast and make quick decisions. They are able to make the best choices when they have information about a patient’s medical history. For instance, if your child is experiencing anaphylactic shock and isn’t able to tell EMTs what is wrong, they will look for an identifier and know immediately that she is having an allergic reaction. Emergency responders are trained to look for this information.


    1. The bracelets give all health workers the information needed to provide care. It isn’t only first responders who need to know your child’s medical information. If your child ends up in the hospital or is being cared for by a nurse at school, those caregivers need to know her medical conditions and can give her better treatment and avoid exposure to her allergens.


    1. Medical emergency bracelets speak for you when you can’t speak for your child. As a caregiver to a child with allergies, you may not realize that there could be moments when you are unable to provide the needed medical information. You could be in a situation in which you are unable to speak, perhaps because you are not conscious, and first responders can’t ask you if your child needs any special care. Let your bracelet communicate that information in case you can’t.


    1. Medical emergency bracelets send a clear message about the seriousness of food allergies. There are still a lot of people, many of whom may come into contact with your child throughout the day, who don’t understand how serious food allergies can be. Many confuse allergies and sensitivities to certain foods. They don’t necessarily realize that your child could go into anaphylactic shock and even die from exposure to her allergen. The presence of a medical bracelet sends the message that this is a real condition with serious consequences.


    1. Get your child in the habit of wearing medical emergency bracelets early. You may not realize that your child needs a bracelet now because she is young enough to always be with you, but now is the time to make it a habit. Start early and your child will be used to wearing her bracelet and will develop the habit of always checking for it. There are so many products available today, and many are designed especially for kids with fun and colorful designs they love. Your child most likely won’t resist wearing it, but starting early is a good idea anyway.


Medical emergency bracelets are so important for kids and their caregivers. First responders look for medical information on bracelets and necklaces, but bracelets are the most common form of medical alerts. Whichever you choose, list your child’s allergens, write that she needs an epi injection and give contact information. Making sure that you and your child always carry this information on you could save her life. The best reason for wearing medical emergency bracelets is that while you may not regret wearing them, you will regret it if you don’t and the worst happens.

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